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Combining a history of 1,000 years with a compact city centre means Dublin has a number of excellent walking tours on offer. These tours explore everything from the architecture of Dublin to the 1916 rebellion and literary pub crawls. Every single street in Dublin has a fantastic story to be told. These tours typically operate from April until October, and commence from public and easy to find places.

1916 Rebellion Walking Tour
The 1916 Rebellion Walking Tour takes participants through the history of the Easter Rising in 1916. While the Rising itself was quashed quickly by British Forces with much destruction and many deaths, the aftershocks eventually led to Irish Freedom. The 1916 Rebellion Walking Tour is organised by the authors of The Ester Rising. For more information about the 1916 Rebellion Walking tour, click here.

Dublin Literary Pub Crawl
The Literary Pub Crawl of Dublin combines famous literary pubs with on street performances by actors which quote Joyce, Behan, Becket and Yeats. The tour calls at a wide range of Pubs within Dublin’s City Centre which should not be missed. For more information about the Dublin Literary Pub Crawl, click here.