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Holding equal fascination to both native Dublin residents and visitors, The 1916 Rebellion Walking Tour provides a thought provoking insight into the famous uprising.

Hosted by the authors of Lorcan Collins & Conor Kostick and historian Shane MacThomias, the two hour walking tour meets at The International Bar on Wicklow Street, only 200 yards from the Discover Ireland Centre, and after some background to the period, takes in some of the battle grounds and key locations affected by the 1916 Rebellion.

The guides, all authorities on the 1916 Rebellion, invite discussion about this tumultuous time in history, and its factor in leading Ireland to be established as a Republic. Set right in the middle of a time known by local people as ‘The Troubles’, the Easter Uprising helped to shape Ireland into an independent state away from British rule and rediscover its own national identity.

The tour offers a factual and thoughtful look at the 1916 Rebellion, and helps visitors to experience what was to become the catalyst in creating the place Ireland holds in the world today.

[title size=”2″]Opening Times[/title]

Monday through Saturday – 11.30am

Sunday – 1pm

1st March through 31st October only

[title size=”2″]Admission[/title]

Adult – €12.00



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Rebellion, Dublin, 1916 Rising, Jim Larkin
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Dublin, Rebellion, 1916

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Dublin, 1916, Rebellion, Walking Tour
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Dublin, Rebellion, 1916, Walking Tour