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For true connoisseurs of Irish whiskey, a visit to The Old Jameson Distillery is a must. Located in Bow Street, the site of John Jameson’s first distillery has become an exciting tourist spot offering an intriguing and amusing tour through the Irish whiskey process and of course, ending with a taste of the real stuff itself.

Besides offering a restaurant, bar and gift shop, The Old Jameson Distillery is here to give you a guided tour through the mystical, secretive process of distilling the legend that became Jameson’s Irish Whiskey. Experts take you through the full process, carefully recreated in the original building that first produced the best-selling Irish whiskey on the planet.

On the tour, get lost in the history of John Jameson’s tale, as a Scottish lawyer and business man who established the Distillery in 1780 and had it producing over a million gallons of whiskey a year by the beginning of the 1800’s, making it the number one whiskey in, what was at the time, the centre of all the whiskey production for the world.

As the end of the tour is reached, relax with a drop in the Jameson Discovery Bar and hope to be selected as a volunteer to be tutored in the art of comparison tasting, and earn an official Whiskey Taster Certificate. For those that aren’t selected, just be careful you don’t try to take too much home with you.
[title size=”2″]Opening Times[/title]

Monday through Saturday – 9am to 6pm
Sunday – 10am to 6pm

Tours last 1 hour, last tour at 5.15pm
Open Bank Holidays except – Good Friday, 24th, 25th, 26th December

[title size=”2″]Admission[/title]

Adult – €14.00
Family (2 Adults, 3 children) – €35.00
Student (over 18) – €10.60
Senior Citizen – €9.60
Children under 18 – €7.70



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