[title size=”2″]Description[/title]

The Dublin Bikes rental scheme was launched in 2009, and since then has grown at an enormous rate. Today it has 44 stations and 550 bicycles parked around Dublin City. Subscribers have a smart card that allows them rent a bike, and return it to any station effortlessly. Such as been the success of the scheme that an additional 58 stations and 950 bikes are planned for Dublin in the near future. The pricing strategy of the bikes is such that 95% of the trips cost nothing.

Membership usually entails an annual fee and direct debit details as security. However, if you have a credit card you can sign up for a short term membership directly at many of the stations.

[title size=”2″]Cost[/title]

A 3 day ticket costs €2 with a guarantee of €150 being required

Half Hour: €0.00
One Hour: €0.50
Two Hours: €1.50
Three Hours: €3.50
Four Hours: €6.50
Additional Half Hours: €2

[title size=”2″]Operating Hours[/title]

Once a bike is rented, it can be kept indefinitely, however restrictions do apply on late night collections as a safety precaution.

[title size=”2″]Information[/title]

Fleet: 550
Stations: 44
Incorporation: 2009
Telephone: 1850 777 070
Website: www.dublinbikes.ie
Twitter: twitter.com/dublinbikes2go
Facebook: facebook.com/dublinbikes