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[title size=”2″]Description[/title]

Designed by the Scottish architect, Sir William Chambers, the Casino at Marino, or “Little House”, was commissioned by the 1st Earl of Charlemont, James Caulfeild. The structure was designed in the Neo-Classical style of architecture, with construction lasting from the 1750’s up until the year 1775. Despite appearing as one small room from the outside, the Casino actually contains three floors and 16 rooms, including servant quarters, a State Bedroom, reception rooms, a kitchen and a basement.

The Casino is regarded as Ireland’s finest example of Ne-Classical architecture. A number of visual tricks were employed by the architect to disguise the nature of the building. Four of the supporting columns serve as drain pipes, while the windows which appear to be on one level actually are over two levels.

[title size=”2″]Opening Times[/title]

March 14 through October 31
Daily, 10 am to 5 pm

[title size=”2″]Admission[/title]

Adult – € 3.00
Seniors and Groups – € 2.00
Children and Students – € 1.00
Family – € 8.00


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[title size=”2″]Location[/title]
Marino, Dublin 3
Telephone: +353 1 833 1618
Fax: +353 1 833 2636
Email: casinomarino@opw.ie
WEBSITE: www.heritageireland.ie/en/dublin/casinomarino/


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[title size=”2″]Images of the Casino in Marino[/title]
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